My Story

I've spent most of my life on quick-fix diets, cleanses, and overexercising.  I learned the hard way that I needed to change my mindset, process my emotions, and acquire self-compassion. It was the only way to maintain my weight loss and lead me to a fulfilled, happy life.


Most approaches to nutrition and fitness dwell on pre-made plans. I know that one plan focusing on just diet and exercise will not work long-term. I will walk beside you as your coach and support system. I approach weight loss through the 7 dimensions of wellness and walk you through being your own scientist and finding the perfect wellness formula that will work for you.


How my service works

I will meet with you to do a health history and learn about your wellness goals. We will then meet twice a month in person, online, or by phone to discuss your health journey and update your goals. We will come up with a structure based on where you are in your life currently and adjust as needed. We will work in all 7 areas of wellness in order to have long-lasting weight loss and you know what you need to stay successful. 


Learn how to eat intuitively

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to eat what you really wanted?Learn to read your body signals and tune into its needs. 


Learn to excerise efficiently
Did you know that different ways to exerise can bring faster results? How would it feel to have someone come up with a plan tailored to your unique needs? Find out how to exercise more efficiently and lose fat faster.



Call or email to schedule your free health history and learn how to make sustainable changes today!