How lifting weights can get you a better night sleep

Emerging clinical evidence suggests that muscle-strengthening exercises such as body weight movements and resistance exercise may be beneficial for sleep quality. There was a German study done on 23,635 individuals that compared no exercise to muscle-strengthening exercise. It studied concluded that lose who did the muscle-strengthening exercises had a lower percentage of poor to very poor sleep. "A meta-analysis of clinical exercise studies have shown that muscle strengthening exercise enhances cardio metabolic, mental and functional health outcomes (Grandner, 2017). This means that strength training has the power to improve glucose and lipid metabolism, reduce blood pressure, increase insulin sensitivity, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression and increase mobility and muscle strength. There is no prescription pill on the market that can offer all of these benefits and help you sleep better on top of it!

Not only can building muscle change the shape of your body, but for sleep it increases both quantity quality, of your sleep.

While strength training of any kind during the day is beneficial and can improve sleep. The studies find that those who strength train in the a.m. tend to fall asleep faster than those who work out later in the day. Strength training creates a molecule called adenosine, which tends to cause drowsiness as it builds up during the day. A bonus is that those who did strength training just once a week noticed better sleep quality. Contact me to learn how to add resistance exercises to your lifestyle and get better sleep!

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